Introducing Cobroker

The AI platform for

Commercial Real Estate

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Powerful Features

Connect your work to a reasoning engine

Document processing

Enable analysis across multiple data types, such as documents, images, and videos.

Event tracking

Track the commercial real estate market in real time for insights on event patterns.


Streamline operations with AI-driven workflows that enhance complex decision-making.

Vision captioning

Employ AI for visual data captions to extract CRE data from listing images.

Generate content

Produce tailored content to enhance communication and engage audiences.

Fast deployment

Start leveraging AI without the need for extensive setup or specialized skills

Index knowledge

Simplify the retrieval of your company knowledge with enhanced search capabilities.

Human feedback

Incorporate expert oversight to refine automated systems, ensuring quality and reliability.

Powerful Features

Stop experimenting with AI.
Start working with it.


Any Data

Reason over any amount and modality of data – with an infinite effective context window.


Any Task

Execute your most complex multi-step workflows.



See the work – trace every action that AI takes.